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  • Pistons Pistons Oct 15, 2007 3:31 PM Flag

    Help Me on this trade please!!!

    I am getting: Jerricho Cotchery Lamont Jordan Derek Anderson

    I am giving: Reggie Wayne Vince Young Deshawn Wynn

    My team:
    Qb-Vince Young Brian Griese
    Wrs-Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, Patrick Crayton
    Tes- Dallas Clark, Kellen Winslow
    Rbs-Willie Parker, Brandon Jacobs, Jamal Lewis, Deshawn Wynn
    Have a waiver on Bulger right now.
    Do i accept this trade?

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    • For the most part I agree, Anderson for Young? YES

      Cotchery had more receptions than Wayne (35 as to 28) although Wayne has been in the endzone 4 times. The only problem will be in playoff time, New England in week 14, but Thomas Jones hasn't had a TD yet, and I kinda wonder about running on NE but those TD's have to be goin somewhere. So far the FP's work out to be 57 for Wayne, 47 for Cotchery, could be worse. I Don't think its the greatest trade, but not the worst by far.

      Jordan for Wynn... this is another story. Jordan is just off his back injury, Fargas was great against Miami, but thats Miami D. As well Dominic Rhodes is off of his suspension, and although he didn't play I dunno how long that is going to last if Lamont Jordan isn't so hot. Whereas Wynn is a young up and coming RB, although its a split share that could change, adn Wynn has been running well. I don't think this one is in your favour.

      So now the question ends up being, Does it work itself out overall?

    • anyone esle

    • Tough call so well break it down.

      Young for Anderson.

      Cotchery for Wayne

      Jordan for Wynn

      Young has struggled alot & they are not as much a passing team as much as a running team.
      Anderson since starting has had some good weeks & is one of the top point value QB's. Browns are a passing team.

      Now Cotchery is solid but he has 0 TD's.He will get you points. Now Wayne will get you points & TD's. Marvin is average this yr.
      With a QB like Manning, you can expect a fair share.

      Now with jordan, it looks like he is back even though he could not do much vs the SD defense. He will start.
      Wynn seems to play like the starter even though he is not.

      So I will give the thumbs up or down.

      Young for Anderson I give Anderson the thumbs up

      Cotchery for Wayne I defantely give Wayne the thumbs up.

      But lamont for Wynn I give Lamont the thumbs.

      Your RB's are good enough.

      I would refuse if it was me.


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