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  • I got a trade that I would receive Moraney and Boldin, but I would have to give up Henry and Colston. What do ya think I should do?

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    • Your getting the top side of the lopsided deal & i will tell you why.

      Boldin will be back & look at his numbers before he got hurt.
      Fitz wont be crap when boldin comes back.He was defanately one of the best WR's until he got hurt.
      Maroney will be back & starting once again soon.

      With the Saints coach mixing so many stuff around with the WR benchers (stated he will rotate more on a weekly basis) Colston is not as reliable as he should be.
      Henry will get you points but only for a few more weeks when the meeting takes place about his likely suspension.
      Either way you get 2 good players for 1 crap player & one soon to be suspended player.

    • Might as well take it. Colston, until today, has been crappy. Henry will be suspended eventually. Boldin is better than Colston, but Maroney is injured still.

      If you can do without Maroney for the time being, go for it and make the trade.

    • I have Henry myself and have been trying to deal him for the past two weeks after finding out about his positive drug test. He is trying to appeal the decision and I have read that it is only certain that he will be around for three more weeks.

      However, Boldin could be out for a few more weeks and Maroney's strained groin could prove to be a nagging injury. Maroney has more upside than Henry at this point despite the injury and New England would love to have him back after the injury to Sammy Morris.

      I like the idea of trading Henry and anyone on the Saints but I don't think I would make this deal.

    • take it henry will be out indefinately soon, while maroney will be back playing in no time


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