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  • Ron Ron Oct 14, 2007 11:14 PM Flag

    Kitna for Jacobs

    I was offered Brandon Jacobs for Jon Kitna---------- My QB's are Brett Favre and Culpepper and my RB's are Larry Johnson, Foster and Deshawn Wynn

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    • Kitna can have his ups & downs.
      Jacobs will get most of the carries.He will also get the td runs as well.
      I think it could be a good move.
      Pick up Lemon & use him instead of Culpepper.
      He started his forst game last week & did not do to bad.
      He also got good points today with 2 TD passes & also running in for 2 TD passes.
      You could afford to use him next week on favre's bye.

      DeShaun shares with Deangelo & could be either a reliable player or unreliable which makes him consistant.
      Wynn is good but he shares also & gets cramps.
      Jacobs would be a good starter with you.

      Just trade Kitna & pick up lemon to use instead of Culpepper.


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