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  • Mike Mike Oct 14, 2007 1:45 AM Flag

    Romo for Moss

    This trade got vetoed in my league. Romo is the guys backup QB and his starter is Brady. Now that he can't have moss he is complianing. What do you think? Right or wrong to veto?

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    • I think it was a wrong veto. The approval shouldn't be based on anything but the value of the players, unless it appears the last place team, trading Moss in this case, is trying to help the team with Brady and Romo. I would assume the last place team does not have a good starting QB and is willing to give up its best receiver to attain one of Romo's caliber. The team stacked at QB wants to get the value out of Romo that is wasted on the bench each week. This seems fair.

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      • I agree. What if the last place guy has Brees or someone they invested heavily in and now their team is hurting. Maybe they are solid enough at WR to afford giving up Moss and they hit the panic button hoping to maybe turn their season around and maybe sneak into the playoffs. However, I was faced with this very same predicament myself. My receivers are Steve Smith, Randy Moss, Santonio Holmes, and Kevin Curtis. I declined the trade though and made smart moves thought the waiver wire 2 weeks ago and now am in contention after starting out 0-3 with the help of the waiver wire. BTW I picked up D. Anderson in week 3

    • nothing wrong with that trade at all. only way a trade shoould be vetoed is if one of the teams isn't getting a fair trade. if both want this it should go through. there is no such thing as fair balance in the league if you went by this no trade would ever go through.

    • Romo is going to the last place team.

    • It honestly depends on where Romo is going. Is he going to a last place team who is nearly out of it? Or a potential contender? If hes being shipped to the bottom of a league, I'd veto it too. Moss has what 7-8 TDs already? Romo is good for points, but to have Brady and Moss on the same team is gonna hurt anybody at this point.


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