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  • joe joe Oct 13, 2007 9:47 PM Flag

    How did I do with this trade??

    Traded Rudi Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald to get Steve Smith and Maroney. I'm not high on Rudi and his injury and his inability to get yardage on carries or score on the ground.

    My team is now:

    QBs: D. McNabb, M. Bulger
    RBs: B. Westbrook, L. Johnson, B. Jacobs, L. Maroney, Kevin Jones, S. Young
    WRs: Ch. Johnson, Steve Smith, D. Driver, J. Galloway
    TE: J. Witten, O. Daniels
    K: M. Stover
    DEF: San Diego

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    • Once Rudi get's healthy, he's a guarantee...12 TDs and 1200+ the last three years, man. Even if the guy misses out on 3-4 games, he'll still have about 1000 yds and 10 TDs

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      • Rudi's not the same as he was years before as coaches have been heard talking about a decline in Rudi's ability to perform (all those carries to get that "consistency" are finally wearing Rudi Johnson out). Steve Smith is too good for the coaching staff NOT to find ways to get him the ball. If that means short dump routes where he has to make some plays that's fine for me in my PPR league (plus his schedule is ridiculously easy). Fitzgerald has been crazy but I don't expect A. Boldin to be out for that much longer and in the game where Boldin and Fitzgerald both played, Boldin had 180 yards to Fitzgerald's 80 yards. Maroney isn't that great but Morris IS NOT the goalline back. Both have 6 carries within the 10 yard line on the year and Maroney lost a TD to Morris when he ran for 7 yards from the 8 yard line. Had he broken through they would both have 1 TD each on the season. Also, Maroney will be more heavily involved as they play teams with better offenses that will keep games close and require the better back to be in the game (Pats have been able to keep Maroney out to be on the safe side since they haven't needed him, but schedule will get tougher/more competitive).

    • Well, Maroney is pretty hurt as well. Morris takes away his opportunities. Plus, with Delhomme out for the season, Smith's numbers won't be as great (Carr, Testaverde kind of suck). I would not have done the trade.

    • Fitz is going to have better games then steve smith, Smith is hurting without Harrington others cant get it to him nearly as well, And Fitz finally has a QB who knows how to throw well., so i would take Fitz over Steve smith.


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