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  • JoeT JoeT Oct 12, 2007 8:55 PM Flag

    Lynch and Berrian/Evans for Holt and Young ?

    I'm being offered M Lynch and either B Berrian / L Evans for my T Holt and S Young.

    Lynch: give me a solid #2 RB, but tough 2nd half schedule. I dont know what Maroney can give me for the rest of the season.
    Berrian: kinda sucks, but he seems to be the Bears #1 WR, for whatever that's worth. but Griese cant throw deep.
    Evans: Very high upside, but has sucked to this point and I dont like Bills QB situation
    Holt: I have enough WR depth to offset Holt I think. but he is Torry Holt, and pretty consistent. I just don't know about the Rams for the rest of the year
    Young: not sure about the Henry situation, Young could blow up towards the end of the season. he seems to have that kind of potential

    I'm very conflicted right now. Thanks for your thoughts.

    RB: R Brown, L Maroney, R Dayne, S Young, K Keith,
    WR: T Owens, T Holt, D Bowe, S McDonald, R White

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