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  • Max Max Oct 12, 2007 12:31 PM Flag

    You answer mine and i'll answer yours

    I get R. Brown, C. Benson, B. Edwards

    I give W. Parker, A. Johnson, G. Jennings


    I get Bush and Edwards

    I give Parker and Johnson

    heres my roster, id also take any suggestions for the trade

    QB E. Manning
    WR1 A. Boldin
    WR2 G.Jennings
    WR3 D. Bowe
    RB1 M. Barber
    RB2 L. Maroney :(
    TE T. Heap
    W/R1 L. White
    W/R2 R. Dayne
    BN A. Johnson (hurt)
    BN P. Manning (bye)
    BN W. Parker (bye)
    BN B. Marshall (bye)
    BN S. Young (bye)

    and his team

    QB C. Palmer
    WR1 B. Edwards
    WR2 K. Curtis
    WR3 D. Henderson
    RB1 R. Bush
    RB2 C. Benson
    TE K. Winslow
    W/R R. Brown
    W/R D. Foster
    BN C. Cooley
    BN S. McDonald (bye)
    BN D. Williams
    BN A. Green
    BN D. Branch (hurt)

    Keeper league and i am 5-0 but my team is gonna loose eventually with me leaning on Maroney so much.

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