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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 12, 2007 12:03 AM Flag

    Big Multiplayer: Need Help!!!!

    Ya I think it's a pretty good trade the only real player that you're giving up is Rivers and he hasn't been all that great either this year. Jackson will put up pretty good numbers but it's a pretty safe bet that Owens and Ward will rival that number or do better. Carolina is horrible with Carr at the rein so Foster or Williams is never going to get off the ground. Morris on the other hand has filled in perfectly for Maroney and may continue to do so even when Maroney comes back. Warner is probably the most obvious start interms of QB for you. Brees you shouldnt start until he gets at least one good game (I have him and Warner in my league too and I'm starting Warner now instead of Brees) Between McNabb and Culpepper I guess I'd go with Culpepper just based on his amazing game a couple weeks ago. McNabb has been pretty inconsistent but he has potential to breakout as long as they're wearing those wonderful throwback jerseys.


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