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  • joe joe Oct 11, 2007 9:06 PM Flag

    Rudi/Driver for S. Smith/Maroney

    Who wins on this deal? (It's a PPR league) I'm trying to buy low on Maroney (owner is 1-4 and wants to deal Maroney badly as he feels Sammy Morris is the better player) who has a great schedule in my league's playoffs. My other runningbacks are B. Westbrook, B. Jacobs, L. Johnson, Kevin Jones, and Selvin Young. My other receivers are Chad Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Joey Galloway.

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    • i think u gotta make this trade...too many options in GB for farve to keep driver over having smith and rudi may never get healthy...

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      • no other real option in cinn. what about maroney???? this guy wont even be playing when fantasy playoffs happen. they will rest him week 16&17
        steve smith = andre johnson but much smaller.
        carr doesnt have the arm and vinny is older the terry Bradshaw. but bradshaw probably has a better arm. you loose any way you look at that one.
        like i said b4 if its a keeper its a horse of a different color.

        let me say i am sorry no. typing with arm in sling and not proff reading

    • how did you manage that team? 8 man league/ the depth you have in skill posistions is redic. ppr Keeper?
      if not keeper i like your players better.

      think about it. New England will lock early and probably rest there starters for the last few weeks meaning you wont have Maroney to use cinn, will be trying to do everything they can to make it again and the work horse Rudi will get his yards.
      no more delhome to throw to give me the ball steve smith and brett is playing like he is 10 years younger. plus the run game in gb willonly get better now that VM is getting back and healthy so teams will no longer be able to just load the backfield. hence making donald all the more valuable. hold tight and wait for a much more rewarding offer. well i would. if its a keeper league go the other way.

    • Anyone have an opinion on this trade?


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