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  • Rich K Rich K Oct 11, 2007 9:20 PM Flag

    possible trade in salary keeper league. advise needed ASAP

    had to make it complicated because if not keeper this trade is no brainer. but evean and gore should only get better as there teams do. boldin is always getting hurt and jacobs splits time??????? uggggh. more help please..... yes i will respond to your question.

    • jacobs is hurt often but so is gore.. evans isn't that good a player now that defenses are keying in on him and even though jacobs splits time he'll eventually be the featured back (no way the giants can afford to keep ward after his performance this year.. kind of like the michael turner deal in SD).. gore is good but with your salary cap, u'll have to release either him or LT just to make the cap after a few years (which will be either when gore hits his prime or gets seriously injured).. unless you plan on dealing gore before u can't afford him ne more i'd take jacobs and boldin


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