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  • Roli Roli Oct 11, 2007 12:10 AM Flag

    Gore vs. Parker

    I need some advice. I am in a yardage league, and keeper league. I have Frank Gore and have him for this year and the next year. Another owner has offered me Willie Parker for Frank Gore. What do you think? Can I expect Gore to return to last years form, or should I take Parker?

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    • Parker especially in a keeper league..pittsburgh is a run first team. Roethlisberger is a solid qb who can throw to relieve some 8 man fronts. Gore is injury prone who i believe had a fluke year last year. Now he has dilfer who cant throw for shit and unlike pittsburgh who runs at the nd of games to run out the clock frisco will be airing it out in their losses.And how can you dislike a guy called fast ass wille parker.

    • Both backs in my opinion are equally good and it is a rather difficult choice to make. If you are looking at present terms I'd say take the trade for Parker. My reason is because San Francisco has not been great offensively and Frank Gore is technically the only real threat on the team at the moment so teams are focused more on Gore. The downside that I've noticed with Parker is that he isn't really consistent especially on teams with good defense for example last year with Baltimore. However Parker has been on a roll this year as well as the rest of the Pittsburgh offense so defenses can't just focus solely on Parker alone. Since you are also in a yardage league Parker is the leading rusher in terms of yard as of right now so that might help with your decision. Frank Gore is probably a better RB than Parker but with a weak 49ers offense I'd say that Gore is more less grounded. Also I am a huge Pittsburgh fan so it truly does pain me when I criticize Parker but I'm just telling it like I see it.


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