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  • safdar k safdar k Oct 10, 2007 10:33 PM Flag


    Should i Trade jamal lewis, lamont jordan and colston for mcgahee, jones-drew and hines ward.

    should i trade away jamal lewis, colston and lamont jordan and in return get hines ward, jones-drew, and willis mcgahee?

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    • I would do it. This trade involves banged up players and the best of the healthy is McGahee. MJD is coming around.

    • I think MJD is a great buy low candidate at the moment. Lewis and Jordan are both banged up and the Saints offense is worthless right now so Colston may be a great guy to part with as well. McNair won't throw farther than 15 yards to McGahee will get plenty of touches via the run and screens/dump offs. Ward is injured at the moment but figures to be one of R'berger's favorite targets when he returns. If you aren't in a playoff spot right now then I would suggest pulling the trigger. You would be taking a chance that MJD's last game wasn't a fluke but now is the time to make a chancy trade to get yourself in playoff position. The only consideration is the Jamal Lewis has a great fantasy playoff schedule against BUF and CIN who have been atrocious against the run this year. Keep Lewis if you can see if he will take Jordan and Colston for MJD and Ward or McGahee.