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  • Joel H Joel H Oct 10, 2007 7:34 PM Flag

    Crutial Trade!! EXPERT help please!

    Team 1 gets (team 2 gives up): Eli Manning, Larry Fitzgerald

    Team 2 gets (team 1 gives up): Reggie Bush, Terrell Owens

    Who gets better deal? Thanks. Will answer your questions.

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    • Boldin is not 100% and Kurt Warner will be the QB for the remainder of the season. Fitzgerald is his favorite receiver. With Boldin back, Fitzgerald will be open more often and will win most one on one matches. Owens numbers may even out a bit as Whitten and Crayton continue to impress and become available to Romo. Manning??????Bush?????????? This week will tell as the offensive Cowboys face the stingy Patriots and Fitzgerald has Warner at QB for 4 quarters. Maybe the trade can wait one more week. If it can't, I say Team # 1.

    • Face Value? T.O and Bush are better...


      Trade totally depends on the rest of your team, league set-up, scoring rules, etc...not enough information here to help you much.

    • If I need an RB I take Bush Owens if I don't I take the other I like Fitz better than owens

    • When are you people going to realize that it doesn't matter how a trade looks player for player but more how it effects the teams they are traded to... ask yourself if your team improves overall with the trade and that will be your answer.

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      • I would say whoever has Reggie and TO is in better shape....T.O is a better play than Fitz esp. with how hot dallas has been. And starting RB's are more valuable than all but top tier QBs. With deuce gone for the season, Reggies touches will skyrocket making him even more valuable. While Fitz may improve with warner behind center, Eli is at best an average QB and it is much easier to plug n play with QBs off the waiver wire than it is to do so with RBs and WRs id say keep Reggie and TO or trade for them whichever side of that youre on


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