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  • Scotty Miller Scotty Miller Oct 9, 2007 8:58 PM Flag

    Derrick Mason

    I can't understand why these "experts" don't rank Derrick Mason a little higher in the rankings each week. HE has 44 receptions and is only like 38 points behind Peyton Manning and is ahead of receivers like Fitzgerald in points, atleast in our league for yahoo he is. WE get 2 points per reception and 1 point for every ten yards so 1 reception is the same as getting 20 yrds. in our league. I'm not the commisioner of our league so I don't know if the scoring is the same for every league or not but, if it is you guys might want to take a look at Mason. I know he is old and plays for the ravens who have a terrible offense but the guy gets open and gets alot of receptions and yards.

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    • He's doing well in your league because you score yardage pretty high, and PPR (points per reception) is through the roof. Most leagues offer 0 to .5 ppr, and a point for every 15 to 20 yards. Given that Baltimore likes to throw mid-level stuff, you're going to make out like a bandit on the PPR for mason, whereas most people won't get even close to that.

      Still, I see your point. He's actually a top 30 WR in my league as well.


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