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  • RN RN Oct 9, 2007 12:50 PM Flag

    What do you think of this trade?

    I have Tony Romo and someone is offering me....

    Brodie Croyle, Chad Johnson, Warrick Dunn, and Ronald Curry

    I'm in the pursuit to get a better WR, but gotta give up Tony Romo. What do you think of this trade? Feedback please.

    In my roster I have:
    QB's: Carson Palmer, Jon Kitna, and Brady Quinn
    WR's: Bernard Berrian, James Jones, Roddy White, Anthony Gonzalez, and Javon Walker
    RB's: Reggie Bush, Brian Leonard, Jamal Lewis
    TE: Jeremy Shockey

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    • I would prob do it, Palmer will get similar numbers to Romo and he has already had his bye week. Counter offer to see if you can get CJ and a better RB than Dunn, you don't really need Croyle or Curry leave them off the counter offer.

    • that is a pretty good trade considering you have solid depth at QB but you should try and get a more solid running back out of the deal because you dont have any depth at the position considering lewis is hurt and he hasnt really produced other than the cinci game

    • i wouldnt do it. You should still try to get a lil more for him. Dunn and croyle really dont have much value to him. try to get Chad johnson and another solid player. you are basically trading romo for johnson.

    • if you can get someone better for Dunn and Croyle or either one i would do it. You have two stud QB's in Palmer and Kitna

    • I wouldn't do it.....ur not gaining that much....this trade is mostly chad johnson for tony romo....dunn might be a pretty good upgrade but the other players are junk....jw do u play two qb's or just one, if u play two qb's then its a definite no..if u play one then i would most likely do it because u would still have palmer and ur wr's need alot of help....

    • CAN YOU HELP ME? i have Frank Gore, Travis Henry (both on bye weeks) also Micheal Pitman (injured) leaving only DeShaun Foster. I need to start two RBs. I was thinking i should try and trade one of my big WRs for a big time RB. I have Steve Smith (Car), Andre Johnson, Marques Colston, James Jones, and Wes Walker. My league starts 3 WRs and 2 RBs, I was thinking something along the line of trading Steve Smith for Ronnie Brown? Hows that sound? OR do you have any other recommendations? I have some good QBs too i could possibly try and trade for a RB as well. I have Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, and Jason Campbell.

    • take that trade for sure. Palmer is just as good as Romo, i would take Palmer over Romo anyday


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