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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 9, 2007 1:23 AM Flag

    Big time trade...who wins??

    WHO WINS: Im getting LT for Shaun Alexander and Steve Smith.

    I have R. Wayne, S. Holmes, M. Colston, G. Jennings, and P. Crayton for recievers. And my only running backs are Travis Henry, Adrian Peterson, and Selvin Young.

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    • Don't listen to the LT naysayers. You win this trade, hands down.

      If you want to nitpick, Alexander and Smith have also had problems of late. If you can pick up LT now, you can ride him into your league's playoffs.

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      • Look at his WR situation and then his RB situation. In general, I wouldn't have a problem with this trade. However, it takes away his top WR, as well as taking away all his depth at the position.

        And no, it's not nitpicking to talk about the problems Alexander is having (Smith is doing just fine, even with Carr). As a matter of fact, if Shaun was up to form, this trade wouldn't even be remotely fair. The only reason it's even worth considering is BECAUSE of his difficulties.

        Interesting how I can point out the trade doesn't dramtically improve his expected point output from RBs, it does hurt his WR output significantly, AND it costs him depth at an injury prone position (WR) as all being reasons why this is a bad deal. The best you can offer is that he shouldn't listen to me because I'm a naysayer...

    • I think I like the Shaun + Steve side of that.

      You're giving up your best WR for what amounts to a not-that huge improvemenet at RB. I'd try the same trade, but give up Crayton instead. Yeah getting LT is a nice trick, but I definitely think this hurts your roster more than it helps it.

    • It's close but I would say the Shaun Alexander/Steve Smith side. If you're going to give up all those players you could at least get a marginal WR in return.

    • You win if Lt reverts to form like he has started to show in the past 2 weeks.


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