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  • Edward Edward Oct 8, 2007 4:26 PM Flag

    Travis Henry for Drew Brees?

    I'm not stoked on Drew Brees, but I could use a back-up QB (especially since I only have one QB and it's Kitna who is also on a BYE this week). Also, I keep hearing Travis Henry is going to be suspended, yet it could be a lengthy process. Should I trade Travis Henry for Drew Brees, or should I hold out hope that the appeals process will take just long enough for me to rake in some points week after week (although, he's only been good for yardage points at this point). I should also note that I have Marion Barber, Frank Gore, and Brandon Jacobs.

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    • 50/50 here Drew is in a funk and you never know about Travis Henry. The other thing about henry is that he was getting hurt all last year so you have to worry about his health as well.

    • Henry, Larry Fitzgerald for Coles and Benson

      Would you do this trade if you were getting Fitz and Henry

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      • I'd do it, but the gamble is that Travis Henry's appeals take until the end of the season (or at least to the end of YOUR fantasy season). I heard the appeals process in the NFL regarding this situation could take weeks so you never know how long it'll be until Henry is suspended (if he actually is -- I just heard he's trying to sue the NFL over this issue). It's something to monitor and people (like me) are trying to dump Henry now before the whole drug suspension issue gets uglier. So, if you feel lucky that the appeals process will take a while, then do it. Travis Henry leads the NFL in rushing yards (at least he did as of yesterday morning) so you gotta believe that he'll start getting TDs eventually, right? Denver's offense has yet to explode and I'm not sure they will after yesterday, but they're certainly due! I don't like Cedric Benson or any offensive player on the Bears and Coles is nothing compared to Fitz (and Kurt Warner is way better to have at the QB position than Leinert at this point). Good luck!

    • Thats not a bad trade. I really think the saints will figure it out soon. Henry could be suspended now or sometime during the season. If and when he does he has no value at all. Since you have some studs at RB, you could make this deal and be alright. Anyone on the waiver wire/FA list that you could pick up at QB?

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      • It's a very competitive money league and there's garbage on the wire for every position. Somebody just dumped Chad Pennington which means he's the best QB on the waiver wire. There's also David Gerrard, Steve McNair, then it gets uglier w/ guys like Joey Harrington and David Carr. Of all those guys, I'd be inclined to take Pennington, maybe David Carr resurrects his career now that Delhomme is out, but I'm not willing to take that chance -- yet! I also believe the Saints will return to their winning ways especially since they play in a very bad NFC. Drew Brees vs. the rest of those available QBs I mentioned? I gotta believe that Brees has the most potential to really light up the scoreboard. Last season he was stellar!


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