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  • Matsumoto Matsumoto Oct 8, 2007 3:11 PM Flag

    Kevin Curtis Yes or No

    he's healthy, nothing wrong with him, he's just so inconsisent. He literally got 99.9% of his fantasy points this year in week 3. The other weeks he has done nothing.

    So a lot of ppl don't want um.

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    • McNabb has only had one good game and Curtis was his main target. They're playing the Jets so if you need a WR this week, this is probably one of the best times to use Kevin Curtis. Other than that, the Eagles schedule gets very difficult. I'd like to think the Eagles have made adjustments for that pathetic O-line after that Giants loss. If so, I do think the Birds have a legit chance to put up some points against the Jets. If that projection is correct, I'm sure Curtis will get a share of those points (or is it Reggie Brown's turn to be the unpredictable Eagles wide receiver star???). Do keep in mind that Kevin has some good skills at the position and he plays in a pass-happy offense (but so did the Rams when he was there).


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