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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 6, 2007 11:43 AM Flag

    Which Player Should I Drop?

    QB-Donovan McNabb(Has Bye)
    BN-Jason Campbell(Starting This Week)
    WR-Steve Smith
    WR-Roy Williams
    WR-Andre Johnson(INJ)
    BN-Wes Welker(Start)
    BN-Shaun McDonald
    RB-Shaun Alexander
    RB-Clinton Portis
    BN-Reggie Bush
    BN-Selvin Young
    BN-Willis McGahee
    BN-Brandon Jacobs
    TE-Jason Witten
    K-None(I'm going drop someone soon)
    DEF-Tennessee(vs ATL)
    ------------------------------------------------ ----
    The reason I dont have a kicker is so I could get Selvin Young
    Any ideas on
    *who to drop
    *any trades

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    • s. yung? he hasent proven anything otherthan he can get some garbage carries against a sanders less colts d. and henry is supost to start fo about another mounth.

    • I'm not really sold on Jacobs yet. You have a lot of talent, I'd package together a couple of guys and do a two for one trade...you get a quality guy and free up a roster spot

    • well im not really that big on welker...but you need to trade a rb or 2 there is no sense in holding on to that many guys and only playing a couple of them...it'll do you more good to trade them for the positions you are weakest at or at least to get another wr for one of them so you have 3 good wr especially with johnson being hurt...i dunno...just a thought


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