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  • Pro Bono Pro Bono Oct 5, 2007 10:06 PM Flag

    new message board sucks!!!

    What's the big fuss about?
    You can change the view to list all posts individually which is pretty much the same as before.
    Ballz, what actually suck is the people (some, not all) that do the posting.
    Most posts are incomplete in intent or desire and sometimes response, you don't know what the person is asking half the time and sometimes what the hell their reply is.

    I read you posts and you generally made excellent replies on the old board, but you had to make the same answer to basically almost the same question 3 minutes later from someone else.

    On the old board when would I see a post that says "Is Hines playing" I pass on it when there is post 2 posts under that states Re: Yes Hines is out!

    Waaaaaaaaay to much repitition in the questions the old way (it may be the same results here, time will tell). But at least this way it's in a message board format and will allow a person with a repetitive type inquiry to search first.

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