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  • Joel H Joel H Oct 5, 2007 8:24 PM Flag


    Kitna/Berrian or Eli Manning/Barber III

    Really, the Question is, Is Kitna gonna be good throughout the rest of the year and will he avoid injury? Cuz if he stays good i think the Kitna/Berrian side is better. But Barber has been beastly too. What are ur thoughts? Thanks.

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    • If you already have a quality QB to play instead of Eli, the Manning/Barber III side is hands down the better option.
      Berrian is rarely a Top 10 Fantasy play at WR weekly, whereas MB3 is usually a Top option weekly regardless of Julius Jones presence.
      Example: Both are top plays this week, Eli vs. the Jets; MB3 vs. the Bills.
      Injury updates are up on my site:

    • I'd say it's close to a fair trade but. But, baring no injuries to any of the players, I'm siding with eli/barber. Kita is a little better than Eli but Barber is a lot better than Berrian. Barber is a quality RB on a quality team. I kinda question Berrian being consistant.

    • I think Kitna will be pretty solid for the rest of the year, I too have him as my backup. Not sure about Berrian though, looks like Muhammad and Desmond Clark are gonna get more looks from Griese. I would probably take the Barber/Eli side if I were hurting at RB but Kitna will be solid.


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