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Tip Drill: The end-of-season guide to user-friendly defenses

It's basically not fair.

Tom Brady(notes), a guy who's already on pace for a 5,390-yard season, will finish his year with a string of friendly match-ups, beginning on Monday night (vs. KC). If Brady continues to produce at the current rate, he may actually break Dan Marino's single-season yardage record in his 15th game, then use the finale to pile on.

So he's having a pretty decent year. In the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 15-16), Brady will face a pair of defenses that have allowed the fourth and eighth-most fantasy points to opposing QBs. Of course he could also face blizzard conditions, injuries, suspension, plague, incontinence ... we have no idea what might go wrong. Many variables can impact fantasy production. All we can say from our present vantage point is that Brady's rest-of-season schedule seems inviting.

After the jump, you'll find two spreadsheets (in traditional Roto Arcade colors) detailing the remaining schedules for the NFL's friendliest pass and run defenses. Use this info any way you like: Propose trades, impress friends, plot out a Salary Cap strategy, or wow your special lady with a breakdown of Matthew Stafford's(notes) year-end fantasy potential. It's up to you. I offer this information without additional commentary; it should be easy to interpret and employ.

Note: The teams below are sorted by yards allowed per run/pass attempt. So you're getting a list of the most generous defenses on a per-play basis, but I've also made sure to capture the teams that yield the most fantasy points per game. That's why Oakland is stuck at the end of the first list, and Indianapolis at the bottom of the second.

Tip Drill: The end-of-season guide to user-friendly defenses

OK, so I said no commentary, but just look at how dreadful the Bucs, Panthers and Colts have been. Yikes.

Tip Drill: The end-of-season guide to user-friendly defenses

Another note: Join us for the Fantasy Freak Show tonight, at the usual time, in the usual place. I'm not actually allowed to interact with callers (condition of my parole), but one of you needs to ask the Fantasy Honey Badger (Brad) for an explanation of his John Skelton(notes) rank. Please and thank you.


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