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You know the rules, you know the lifelines. How would we pay for outfielders if the season began from scratch right now?

Assume a 5x5 scoring format, as always, and away we go.

$32 Ryan Braun
$31 Carl Crawford(notes)
$30 Alex Rios(notes)
$29 Josh Hamilton(notes)
$28 Matt Kemp(notes)
$26 Andre Ethier(notes)
$25 Andrew McCutchen(notes)
$24 Ichiro Suzuki(notes)
$23 Matt Holliday(notes)
$23 Jayson Werth(notes)
$23 Vladimir Guerrero(notes)

Comments: When does a good start become a good season? Rios's five-category contributions can't be downplayed at this point, and it's not like we've never seen the skills before, it's just been a matter of putting it all together. If you own Rios, who would you flip him for on this list? … I'm not downgrading any of the major Phillies (basically everyone above Ibanez I'm still bullish on); warm weather is coming and there's too much of a track record here. With that in mind, go buy Werth at discount if it's available to you, today, right now. … Hamilton's doing most of his damage in Arlington but it's not like the stats don't count. Most of the lineup has a similar split. … I've loved Ethier's swing from Day 1 but the price here has to be a little tempered, given his slow recovery from the finger injury.

$22 Ben Zobrist(notes)
$22 Justin Upton(notes)
$22 Torii Hunter(notes)
$22 Carlos Gonzalez(notes)
$21 Nelson Cruz(notes)
$21 Shin-Soo Choo(notes)
$21 Adam Dunn(notes)
$21 Colby Rasmus(notes)
$20 Jason Bay(notes)
$19 Bobby Abreu(notes)
$19 Jason Heyward(notes)
$19 Chris Young
$19 Corey Hart(notes)
$18 Vernon Wells(notes)
$18 Shane Victorino(notes)
$18 Magglio Ordonez(notes)
$18 Carlos Lee(notes)
$18 Ryan Ludwick(notes)
$18 Hunter Pence(notes)
$18 Rajai Davis(notes)
$18 Jason Kubel(notes)

Comments: Zobrist's power has come back nicely so we can all come in off the ledge. … Has anyone ever failed to make a roto-profit on Hunter? Such a solid commodity, even if he's just 6-for-12 on steals. … If you own Rasmus in a keeper league, put him in the cornerstone file. He's going to be a superstar. … Upton's average and strikeouts get everyone frustrated, but his counting stats are still decent. … Victorino's bat hasn't done much lately but nine steals over the last month cushion the fall.

$17 Curtis Granderson(notes)
$17 Nick Markakis(notes)
$17 Manny Ramirez(notes)
$17 Jose Bautista(notes)
$17 Nick Swisher(notes)
$17 Josh Willingham(notes)
$17 Aubrey Huff(notes)
$17 Delmon Young(notes)
$16 B.J. Upton(notes)
$16 Michael Bourn(notes)
$16 Marlon Byrd(notes)
$16 Garrett Jones(notes)
$16 Austin Jackson(notes)
$16 Brennan Boesch(notes)
$16 David DeJesus(notes)
$15 Brett Gardner(notes)
$15 Jose Guillen(notes)
$15 Jay Bruce(notes)
$15 Scott Podsednik(notes)
$15 Chase Headley(notes)
$15 Juan Pierre(notes)

Comments: My heart wants to go higher on Granderson, but where are the steals? How much do you want to play for someone who might be just a 3.5-category player? … Putting a price on Planet Manny is just about impossible these days. You need a Manny Caddy if you own him, as he generally gets the day games off. … It's been a fun season for Byrd in the average column but the run production is nothing special. … We can accept a low average for a month, Chase Headley, but where did the steals go?

$14 Michael Cuddyer(notes)
$14 Adam Lind(notes)
$14 Johnny Damon(notes)
$14 Chris Coghlan(notes)
$14 Carlos Quentin(notes)
$14 Mike Stanton(notes)
$14 Cody Ross(notes)
$14 Angel Pagan(notes)
$13 Alfonso Soriano(notes)
$13 Jonny Gomes(notes)
$13 Adam Jones(notes)
$13 Raul Ibanez(notes)
$13 Franklin Gutierrez(notes)
$13 Milton Bradley(notes)
$13 Denard Span(notes)
$12 Brad Hawpe(notes)
$12 Nyjer Morgan(notes)
$12 Julio Borbon(notes)
$12 Jeff Francoeur(notes)
$12 Andres Torres(notes)
$12 Jose Tabata(notes)
$11 J.D. Drew(notes)
$11 Juan Rivera(notes)
$11 Drew Stubbs(notes)
$11 Austin Kearns(notes)
$11 Hideki Matsui(notes)
$10 Carlos Beltran(notes)
$10 Jacoby Ellsbury(notes)

Comments: I love watching Gomes hit, but he's not going to score a lot of runs in his current lineup slot and he's not guaranteed an everyday job. Don't fall in love with the RBIs too much. … Ross isn't a star by any means, but he might be one of the 10 most underrated roto commodities from the National League. … No one is ever excited to own Brad Hawpe. Someday, the Rockies will add themselves to the list. …
When Soriano is going bad, you wonder how he ever makes contact against anyone. Ah, the life of a notorious streak hitter. … Matsui is still a good RBI man but he's not going to do anything with his legs, hurting two categories we care about.

$9 Carlos Guillen(notes)
$9 Fred Lewis(notes)
$8 Corey Patterson(notes)
$7 Sean Rodriguez(notes)
$7 Seth Smith(notes)
$6 Andruw Jones(notes)
$6 Gerardo Parra(notes)
$6 Lastings Milledge(notes)
$5 Mike Cameron(notes)
$5 Trevor Crowe(notes)
$5 Roger Bernadina(notes)
$5 Luke Scott(notes)

Comments: Guillen is still a professional hitter, he just needs to stay healthy. Of course you'll probably want to use him at second. … Jones has turned into a pumpkin over the last month (sub-.100 average). … Crowe has some stolen-base upside but there's not much else going on here.

$4 Melky Cabrera(notes)
$4 Eric Hinske(notes)
$4 Jerry Hairston Jr.(notes)
$4 David Murphy(notes)
$4 Conor Jackson(notes)
$4 Ryan Spilborghs(notes)
$3 Kosuke Fukudome(notes)
$3 Ryan Sweeney(notes)
$3 Tyler Colvin(notes)
$2 Will Venable(notes)
$2 Carlos Gomez(notes)
$2 Jack Cust(notes)
$2 Pat Burrell(notes)
$2 Mitch Maier(notes)

Comments: Hinske can't really be trusted against lefties so we can't get too excited about the rank. … If Cojack couldn't go it for us in Arizona, how is Oakland going to magically fix him? I'm not changing my opinion here. … I always go 1-2 bucks higher on all the Hairstons. It's an internal bias and I'm working on it.

$1 Nate McLouth(notes)
$1 Mark Teahen(notes)
$1 Skip Schumaker(notes)
$1 Cameron Maybin(notes)
$1 Bill Hall(notes)
$1 Randy Winn(notes)
$1 Aaron Rowand(notes)
$1 Omar Infante(notes)
$1 Xavier Nady(notes)
$1 Dexter Fowler(notes)
$1 Matt LaPorta(notes)
$1 Scott Hairston(notes)
$1 Darnell McDonald(notes)
$1 Mark Kotsay(notes)
$1 Tony Gwynn(notes)
$1 Ben Francisco(notes)
$1 Daniel Nava(notes)
$1 Coco Crisp(notes)
$1 Shelley Duncan(notes)
$1 Michael Morse(notes)
$0 Jeremy Hermida(notes)
$0 Ryan Raburn(notes)
$0 Ryan Church(notes)

I've had my say, over to you in the comments. I reserve the right to tweak this list as the day goes along, pending how good the internet is on my afternoon flight. Bring your best game to the fray; disagreement is welcome, but support your case and offer how you'd adjust the list. Blind ranting about the ranks doesn't help anyone; let's find a win-win here.


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