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Don't you just hate it when you're working tirelessly to trade someone and a note shows up on their player page that ruins any potential deal?

That's happening with Brian Fuentes lately. There's new speculation every day about some team inquiring about his services:

Jun 24 Troy E. Renck, of The Denver Post, reports the Philadelphia Phillies are interested in trading for Colorado Rockies CL Brian Fuentes.

Clearly Fuentes wouldn't be going there to replace Brad Lidge (18 SV, 0.87 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, 40 K). Nor would he take over closing duties with the Yankees, Mets, or any other team that he's been linked to. That's why you're trying to flip him in fantasy leagues, and that's why these notes are so cruel. It's tough to miss 'em, with the bright yellow box and the tiny flames.

As we've mentioned before, Taylor Buchholz is the most likely candidate to replace Fuentes as Colorado's closer. He's pitched the eighth inning in recent save situations, and he's been terrific all season (1.43 ERA, 0.77 WHIP, .155 BAA). Buchholz is also eligible at SP, which is no small detail.

Despite these annoying, conflicting notes on Manuel Corpas' player page...

Jun 23 The Denver Post's Troy E. Renck reports Colorado Rockies RP Manny Corpas is not next in line to close games if CL Brian Fuentes is dealt.

Jun 23 Corpas would regain his closer's role if Brian Fuentes is traded, according to an columnist.

Recommendation: This is just one reporter's prediction and we're not sure if we agree. Taylor Buchholz has been great and might get the first shot if Fuentes is traded.

...the official position of this blog is that Buchholz is the add, not Corpas.

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