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The official position of the fantasy blog is this: We do not condone the throwing of shoes with intent to harm or insult. But if there were a free Flash game that allowed you to fling shoes at Jay Cutler, then we'd offer it here. And we'd take the day off in order to master it.

Cutler produced a useless line on Sunday in the fantasy semi-finals: 172 passing yards, one TD, one interception. Some of us needed just 14 points from the Denver quarterback; he delivered nine.


The set-up was ideal, too. The Broncos trailed by double-digits in the second half, and they lacked a serious running threat. Credit the Panthers for pressuring Cutler (three sacks) and for dominating time of possession in the fourth quarter (9:35). But still...nine points. That doesn't cut it from a quarterback, not in Week 15.

So Cutler gets the Pro Wings.

Who let you down in the semis? Who gets a faceful of shoe? Anquan Boldin? Clinton Portis? Walt Coleman? Please share the details of your playoff defeat in the comments section. Winners, you're not welcome here.


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