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We're deep into football draft season so we go heavy on the pigskin today.  

I don't mean to rain on anyone's Ray Rice(notes) parade but Willis McGahee(notes) might be used just enough to mess it all up. Not counting Rice's Statue of Liberty touchdown against the Jets a week ago, McGahee has five of the six rushing attempts inside the 5-yard line this month. McGahee wants the ball at the scoring stripe, like any red-blooded professional would. "I love the goal line," McGahee said. "It's a hit-or-miss play. Nine times out of 10, I want it to be a hit." We'll see if a "90 percent wanting rate" is enough for the Ravens. [Baltimore Sun]

Not much going on with the Kansas City Chiefs these days. Oh, except that their starting QB has a serious knee injury and their offensive coordinator has been sacked. Good grief. [Yahoo! Sports, Kansas City Star]

Terrell Owens(notes) got back on the practice field Monday and the toe is fine now. (His thumbs? Sore from tweeting.) Apparently the toe injury was caused by a shoe problem. []

Make those late-round picks matter with some stash-and-hope running backs. John Hansen is here to help you fill the queue. [Fantasy Guru]

Do the Seahawks have enough receiver depth to cut Deion Branch(notes)? Eric D. Williams makes the case. The Hawks lost receivers like Spinal Tap lost drummers last season, but if people can stay healthy in Seattle there's excellent depth here. [Tampa News Tribune]

Adam Wainwright has been schooling the National League for most of the year, no thanks to his fastball. Have a look under the hood. [Fangraphs]

Mike Salfino analyzes every snap of last weekend's Jets-Giants game and empties out the notebook. Is this the year the Jets finally get it with Leon Washington(notes)? [

The no-huddle hasn't done much for the Bills lately but they say they're sticking with it. Maybe they just want to mess with Bill Belichick in advance of Week 1's Monday Nighter. [Buffalo News]

Looks like the Cubs will be keeping Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman (phew) for now; sorry Minnesota. [Chicago Sun-Times]

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