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The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: T-Rich, Doug Martin and Wookiees galore

Dissected. Scrutinized. Probed. That's exactly what college football's finest gearing up for the biggest day of their young lives have experienced over the past several weeks.

On this week's extra special edition of the Freak Show, Brad Evans and Brandon Funston devoted an entire two hours breaking down the winners, losers and shocker specials from the early rounds of this year's NFL draft. Why will Trent Richardson produce near elite numbers in his freshman campaign with Cleveland? Can new Redskin Robert Griffin III be a statistical giant from the get-go? Is Ryan Tannehill draftable in 12-team leagues? Doug Martin or David Wilson? Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd? The dynamic duo weighed in.

We also provided instant analysis during Rounds 2 and 3, including spins on Coby Fleener, Stephen Hill and sleeper of the century, Ronnie Hillman.

Too busy counting the Benjamins you made from your stack of Amazon stock? No sweat. Listen to the replay below:


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