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Exhibitionist: Chad Henne brings the badAs we've mentioned before, fantasy owners shouldn't get too worked up about preseason statistics, particularly in the first week of exhibition play.

Odd personnel combinations are running unexciting plays in a non-competitive environment, and everybody's goal is to not get hurt. Plus this has been an off-season unlike any other. We should absolutely not overreact to preseason results, good or bad.

But that doesn't mean we can ignore the preseason entirely. When a player delivers an exceptionally awful performance — as Miami quarterback Chad Henne(notes) did on Friday — then we should probably discuss it.

Henne's first throw of the night was picked off by John Abraham(notes), who'd dropped into coverage. I won't dispute the fact that the ball actually hit Anthony Fasano(notes) before it was intercepted. A better receiver makes that catch, true, but let's not pretend it was a perfect throw. That's a short pass with a low degree of difficulty, and it wasn't well-placed. Here's a clip of his second interception, a bad ball into coverage, a gift to the defense.

Henne finished the first quarter 1-for-5 with two picks and five passing yards. Not great. The Dolphins tossed him back out on the field in the second quarter, and, to his credit, he found immediate success against Atlanta's junior varsity. The highlight was this 44-yard TD pass to Brian Hartline(notes). In the end, Henne's final stat line wasn't completely disastrous: 4-for-8, 77 yards, TD, 2 INTs.

Matt Moore's(notes) numbers were better, sure, but those were late-game stats against depth chart players. Moore is coming off a brutal season in Carolina (55.6 rating, 5 TDs, 10 INTs) and he's recovering from a right shoulder injury. Tough to build a case for him.

So at the moment there's no QB we can endorse in Miami. Let's hope Friday's performance was just a standard-issue preseason mess, a removal of rust, a non-event ... but I'm not so sure. It's possible the Dolphins may not even have enough quarterback talent on the roster for a respectable controversy. Brandon Marshall(notes) (DNP Friday) isn't helped by this situation, nor is Davone Bess(notes). It kneecaps the entire offense, basically.

I hereby move for an immediate reassignment of Kyle Orton(notes) and/or Carson Palmer(notes) and/or Jeff George.


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