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Certain promises were made by LaDainian Tomlinson, and they were not kept:

"On Sunday, I think I should be pretty good."

He was not. After rushing for 26 yards on 10 carries, he had this to say about the toe injury to the Union-Tribune:

“It tightened up some, swelled up a little bit,” Tomlinson said. “The one thing I'm happy about is it didn't get any worse after the game. I don't feel any worse than I did last week after the game, which shows it is improving and healing.”

"Didn't get any worse" does not necessarily equal "improving." If you suffered through the Marshall Faulk toe devastation of '96, you understand. 

Tomlinson is reportedly limited in changing direction, which is obviously an essential skill for a running back. You should be worried. Ideally, you'd like to hear on Friday that his toe is a non-factor, fully healed, and possibly better than it was in '06.

You won't hear that, though. There's a good chance Tomlinson will be limited again, but that he'll play on Monday night against the Jets. Darren Sproles could be useful for another week or two.

If LT's injury lingers, and you're a Tomlinson owner who didn't already own his handcuff, then, should lose. That's idiocy right there.

No, really. It's weapons-grade stupidity. There's no excuse. If another owner grabbed Sproles ahead of you and they're now trying to deal him for something obscene, that's entirely your fault. Don't make this mistake again.

Also, if you follow that Union-Tribune link above, you'll also take note of this news:

Antonio Gates, who played sparingly, left wearing only a sandal on his left foot.

More toe issues there, but Gates did have four receptions for 61 yards on Sunday. As with Tomlinson, you can't really remove Gates from a fantasy lineup unless you hear that he's not starting. 

One more possible toe problem out west, via the San Francisco Chronicle:

(Darren) McFadden ... had 21 carries for 164 yards (7.8 yards per) before leaving the game with turf toe in the fourth quarter.

Lane Kiffin confirms the injury here.

Still, the Chronicle reports, "If (Justin) Fargas can't play Sunday at Buffalo, consider McFadden perfectly ready to assume the starting position with Michael Bush (16 rushes, 90 yards) the new backup."

A toe injury would certainly explain why McFadden was caught from behind by safety Bernard Pollard. Don't be surprised if he's limited in (or absent from) mid-week practices. 

You can't add McFadden in any league, clearly, but Bush is only 11 percent owned. He's an excellent pick-up, assuming Fargas (groin) will miss additional time.

Mr. Evans promises to continue the Bush coverage in this week's Noise. You have been warned...


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