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  • Elite cycling spotlight finally shines on North America

    The Tour de France dominates the landscape of professional cycling, a three-week behemoth that draws the attention of fans worldwide.

    Associated Press
  • The B-52 Bomber is Born Again as an e-Bike

    There’s a new type of military-grade, hard hitter bearing the “B-52” moniker these days. But it’s not a hulking American bomber like its namesake. No, it’s a lithe electric bicycle built in Australia. But don’t be fooled by its size, there’s a colossal amount of technology afoot here.  Built by…

  • James Moore, the 2-Wheeling Trendsetter

    He's the guy who helped drive the craze behind "fixie" bikes - and "fakengers," the folks who dress and act like bike messengers (even though they're not).