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  • Thermal Cameras Will Look for "Mechanical Doping" Cheaters at the Tour de France

    ​​It's the latest weapon in the fight against "mechanical doping." ​

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  • UCI ups technological fraud testing at Tour

    Tour de France competitors will be subject to increased surveillance by the UCI to combat technological fraud.

  • Cycling: Thermal cameras to be used to detect motors on Tour

    Thermal cameras will be used at the Tour de France to detect motors in bikes, the French Sports Secretary of State said on Monday. In a joint news conference with Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme, French cycling federation president David Lappartient and International Cycling Union (UCI)…

  • USA Cycling relying on high-tech training tools ahead of Rio

    USA Cycling is pushing the limits of training technology in the run-up to the Rio Olympics, first with a revolutionary track bike that took years of design, then with proprietary hardware and software they can use to better gauge how well their athletes are training in the months leading up to the…

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  • Tour de France officials will use thermal imaging to catch ‘bike dopers’

    Thermal imaging cameras will be at the Tour de France, but they won't be used to record spectacular images of racers. Instead, the cutting edge camera technology can detect bike doping, where riders hide motors within the frames of their bikes.

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  • Thermal cameras to be used at Tour to catch hidden motors

    High-powered thermal cameras using atomic research technology will be used on the Tour de France to help eradicate the threat of riders using hidden motors inside their bikes. A leading French science and technology research body into atomic energy, called the CEA, will provide the technology…

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  • Thermal cameras to be used in Tour de France to catch motor cheats

    Thermal cameras will be used in this year's Tour de France to fight against motor cheats, French Minister of State for Sport Thierry Braillard announced on Monday. The cameras, which can detect a motor in a bicycle, have been developed by the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) at the request of the…

  • Tour de France to Use Thermal Cameras to Detect Mechanical Doping

    The Tour de France will use thermal cameras this year to detect hidden motors used by cyclists to gain an unfair advantage, French officials announced today. The thermal cameras can detect the heat emitted from a hidden motor even if the motor is turned off, The Associated Press reported. Earlier…

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  • Britain's King may appeal against Rio snub

    (Reuters) - Olympic champion Dani King is considering appealing against the British Cycling decision to leave her out of the country's road race team for the Rio Olympics, the rider has said. King, who won the track team pursuit gold at the 2012 London Games, is the second-highest ranked British…