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President of Pac-12 Enterprises Gary Stevenson came on Yahoo! Sports Radio with Travis Rodgers today to talk about the recently-launched Pac-12 Network. Listen to the interview HERE.

The quick bullet points:

  • All PAC-12 games will be broadcasted on television.
  • The PAC-12 Network launched last night, and this network is a game changer.
  • The PAC-12 Network is great for recruiting students, coaches, etc.
  • View the network as a content company.
  • 1 National network and 6 regionals.
  • They will have studio shows on the PAC-12 Network as well.
  • PAC-12 Network is based in San Francisco.
  • Football will be vital to the network.
  • Cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner are on board, but at this point they don't have DISH, U-Verse, Verizon, or DirecTV.
  • Still through their cable providers they can be seen by 48 million viewers.

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