2010 Ring fan polls: Upset of the Year

RingTV.com, in association with Yahoo! Sports, is offering boxing fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites from 2010 and determine a winner in eight categories.

One category will appear each day on Yahoo! Sports and the result will be announced the following day at http://www.ringtv.com/.

Note: These are not the official Ring awards. Those will be announced in the magazine itself.

The following are the candidates for Upset of the Year.

Jason Litzau SD 10 Celestino Caballero: Caballero had been dominating at 126 pounds and everyone expected the same at 130. Litzau, a significant underdog, had different ideas. He shocked everyone.

Garth Wood TKO 5 Anthony Mundine: Wood, the winner of the Australian “Contender,” had only 11 fights and was considered no threat to the two-time super middleweight titleholder. The result was a stunner.

Ryol Li Lee UD 12 Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym: We had no idea what to expect from Lee, who had never faced anyone of the former junior featherweight titleholder’s formidable ilk. Now we know.

Gilberto Keb Baas MD 12 Omar Nino: Keb Baas was believed to be a faded former contender with 20 losses when he met – and beat – the talented and more-experienced 108-pound titleholder.

Cornelius Bundrage KO 5 Cory Spinks: Spinks had showed signs of decline but held a title and remained a slick boxer. Bundrage had been a solid fighter but was 37 and had no big victories. Now he has one.

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Updated Friday, Dec 3, 2010