HBO’s 24/7 Mayweather Vs. Cotto First Look Preview: Fan’s Take

The first episode of HBO's "24/7 Mayweather vs. Cotto First Look" is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at 9:45 pm ET. I love these 24/7 shows. I like to see what's happening behind the scenes and to hear what the fighters have to say about their training camp. Here is a sneak peek snippet featuring Floyd Mayweather. Miguel Cotto's sneak peek follows after Floyd's video.

Floyd Mayweather during a press conference for the fight against Victor Ortiz at the Hudson Theatre on June 28, 2011.
9 July 2011

24/7 Mayweather vs. Cotto First Look: Floyd Mayweather

On the video, Floyd says, "We have so many different characters in our camp…it's must see TV. I have five or six sparring partners. Some guys, big and strong. Some short, tough. I want every guy to push me, to make me work hard…If the fight was today, I would be ready."

In a story published in ESPN The Magazine's "Analytics Issue" (March 5), writer Igor Guryashkin focused on some of Mayweather's extraordinary boxing statistics.

"Citing CompuBox, boxing's computerized scoring system, Guryashkin breaks down Mayweather's ring genius. He tops all current fighters with a connect percentage of 46%. The system, which calculates every punch a boxer throws and lands, found that only boxing greats, Joe Louis and Lennox Lewis, hold an advantage over him—at just a 2% edge. But, no one comes close to the undefeated fighter in regard to opponent connect percentages."

Guryashkin states, "…perhaps even more impressive is Mayweather's opponents connect percentage: 16%, the lowest ever recorded in CompuBox's 4,000-fight database. The astronomical 30% difference between the two stats stands atop history's pugilistic pantheon."

But will past success predict the future against Miguel Cotto?

24/7 Mayweather vs. Cotto First Look: Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto has two new dogs to keep him company during training camp. Tonka and Tika are French bulldogs. They join Cotto and the rest of his fight family to help him prepare for May 5th. Cotto says that fans will see the intensity and passion of his fight camp as he works with trainers and sparring partners on this 24/7 series. video

Set your DVR if you won't be home to watch Floyd Mayweather prepare for Miguel Cotto. "24/7 Mayweather/Cotto" premieres this Saturday, April 14, at 9:45 pm ET only on HBO.

Another TV event to make note of is the HBO Sports Special "Floyd Mayweather: Speaking Out" which premieres April 21st at 10:30 pm ET on HBO.

Stay up to date with all the latest on your favorite boxer. Who are you picking to win - Mayweather or Cotto?

Source: ESPN stats from Swanson Communications press release

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