Miguel Cotto Gets a Second Chance Against Antonio Margarito: A Fan’s Perspective

The NYSAC finally cleared Antonio Margarito to fight in the Dec. 3, 2011, match against Miguel Cotto, but Cotto said that he will not fight unless the match is in New York. It was not clear whether Margarito would have been granted a license at first due to an issue with his right eye, especially since he was initially denied a license for this issue.

Prior to Margarito being cleared, Cotto remarked about his refusal to fight outside of New York.

"When I signed for the fight with my company (Top Rank Promotions) to fight Margarito it was for a fight in New York City," said Cotto. "I'm not going to present myself to any other state. If New York says Margarito is not able to fight, I have to respect that, I'm not going to fight anywhere else."

Why New York? Well, Cotto has a fantastic record in New York. The fans also seem to really like him there. And, Madison Square Garden—where the match will be held—has been home to boxing royalty.

These two last met in the ring in 2008 and the battle was brutal. Fans have been waiting to see them square off again. Of course, if Margarito loses this time that whole Plaster of Paris thing will come up and Margarito's first win will be questioned—remember Plastergate of 2009?

This is a true epic boxing rivalry. Both men are out to prove that they are better and can win fair and square. Like the first time these two met in the ring, this match will likely end in stoppage as well. This is not a typical boxing match because both Cotto and Margarito have just about everything riding on it. Both men want to prove that they are the best, and of course, Margarito wants to prove that he can indeed win without plaster-packed boxing gloves (though is it not known if he used plaster in his first fight against Cotto).

R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen is a former athlete, current coach and has a background in sports medicine and health. She is an avid boxing fan and incorporates her knowledge of athletics and sports medicine into what she writes about boxing.

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Updated Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011