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Mayweather KO’s Ortiz in the fourth, but finish labeled dirty by many in attendanceLAS VEGAS - Protect yourself at all times. Young Victor Ortiz learned the lesson the hard way against the best fighter of this generation.

While apologizing for a headbutt, Ortiz dropped his hands and Floyd Mayweather decided it was time to fight again landing a delayed combination that the youngster couldn't recover from. Mayweather recorded a knockout victory, but drew lots of boos from the 14,687 in attendance, who thought it was a less than sporting move.

It got worse from there as Mayweather exploded on HBO's Larry Merchant telling the announcer that the network needs to fire him because he doesn't know [expletive] about boxing. The 80-year-old Merchant exploded saying he wished he was 50 years younger so he could "kick his ass."

Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) delivers another victory and wins the WBC welterweight title from Ortiz, but it may have been the most bizarre night of the great fighter's career.

The end of the fight was pure insanity. The bout was heating up in the fourth when Ortiz landed some solid shots and drove Mayweather into ropes. The 24-year-old got too aggressive, leaping into the air to headbutt Mayweather.

Mayweather KO’s Ortiz in the fourth, but finish labeled dirty by many in attendance

Referee Joe Cortez wisely paused the fight. That's when Ortiz walked behind the ref's back to apologize and hug Mayweather. Cortez grabbed Ortiz and walked him back to center of the ring to dock him a point.

From there, Cortez lost control of the fight. The referee looked the other way while Ortiz again walked up to Mayweather in the middle of the ring with hands out in a peace offering. Mayweather hit him with a slapping left. Ortiz looked at Cortez, who was still in a haze, to ask what the heck just happened? That's when Mayweather delivered a right hand bomb straight down the pipe. Ortiz (29-3-2) went down and couldn't back to his feet. The fight was over just as it was really starting.

Mayweather KO’s Ortiz in the fourth, but finish labeled dirty by many in attendance

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, Mayweather engaged in a ridiculous conversation with Merchant. The veteran announcer tried to press Mayweather on why he threw the punches when Ortiz clearly wasn't fighting. Mayweather refused to do so. Then he snapped getting in the face of Merchant, who finally fired back. It was a terrible moment for both.

Mayweather, ahead on two scorecards 3-0 and the other 2-1, outlanded Ortiz 73-26.

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