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Boxing has provided the backdrop for some of the most famous movies in the history of the filmmaking industry.

The best flicks featured actors who took their roles seriously. Will Smith of "Ali" fame and Mark Wahlberg, in the recent release "The Fighter," trained hard to portray Muhammed Ali and Mickey Ward, respectively. Now a celebrity boxing promoter wants them to meet in the ring for real next February.

According to RadarOnline:

Damon Feldman, CEO of Hollywood Boxing Federation, formerly known as Celebrity Boxing Federation, is putting the offer out to the two superstars Monday.

He told "This will be a great opportunity for both stars to fight in the Superbowl of Hollywood boxing and to donate millions to their favorite charities."

Wahlberg said he trained for three years for the role, stays in pretty good shape and considers himself a real scrapper.

Feldman said the concept is for Smith and Wahlberg to fight three, one minute rounds.

"We don't think these two are going to rip each others heads off," Feldman said. "We're just hoping they get into the ring and have a little fun duking it out."

You wonder if Smith would take Feldman up on his offer. If he hasn't been training at all, two months is a short period of time to get ready. Believe it or not, Ali was made all the way back in 2001. There's also a pretty big size difference between the 6-foot-2 Smith and the 5-7 Wahlberg. 

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