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Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death attracts the loopy

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Headlining this week in bloopers is the phenomenon known throughout the world of skateboarding as "Tony Hawk's Loop of Death" — a structure that allows brave skaters the opportunity to ride fully inverted on a ramp that boasts a full loop. As you can imagine from its design and name, not everyone makes it the full 360 degrees. We took the liberty to curate some of its most epic wipeouts above, and you can check out the full video at Ride Channel.

The World Series has delivered some special moments through two games but not all of them have been testaments to great athleticism. Just ask St. Louis Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright, who dropped a shockingly routine pop-up in Game 1 to set the tone for a sloppy first couple of games.

You don't often see a high-school kicker attempt a 57-yard field goal — probably because you don't see NFL teams attempting such a thing very often either. But that didn't stop De La Salle Collegiate from trying to make a kick from long range to beat Detroit Catholic Central in the final seconds of their game. Their 57-yard attempt fell, not surprisingly, well short. What no one probably saw coming however, was Detroit Catholic winning on the very same play when Zack Bock fielded the short kick and somehow returned the ball for a 99-yard score.

If you haven't seen the incredible photo of Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel striking the most photogenic pose in the midst of being tackled by USC without his helmet on you owe it to yourself to check it out. Or just pick up the nearest Abercrombie & Fitch catalog and picture any of the poses you see in there occurring during a football game, mid-tackle, without a helmet.

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