Rooster causes chaos during Israeli soccer game

Angela Sun
February 17, 2014

When Bnei Yehuda took on its local rival Hapoel on Saturday in Tel Aviv, the match was still scoreless in the eighteenth minute. That's when Bnei Yehuda fans released a rooster onto the field that they'd somehow snuck into Bloomfield Stadium. Evidently this was a ploy by fans to shake things up and bring Bnei a stroke of good luck. And while it ultimately didn't have an overwhelming effect on the score (the match would end in a 2-2 draw), it provided several incredible minutes of entertainment.

Stadium security surrounded the rooster at midfield but it quickly eluded any would-be captors, sending a couple of them slipping onto their backsides. As fans howled in delight, the rooster continued to outwit officials, before eventually deciding it had had enough and exited the stadium on his own terms.

This dog's thinking of a number between one and three

A match between Rosario Central and River Plate in the Argentine Primera Division experienced an animal delay of its own Sunday. The eager 'fan' in this case? An adorable dog who sauntered onto the pitch in the twenty-eighth minute when the score was tied at one apiece. The pup apparently had a number larger than one on its mind, as it tended to some 'business' on the turf before evading several would-be captors of his own. A little tired out, the playful pup was eventually caught by a Rosario player and carried off by a kind gentleman.

Have pig, will surf

Oahu's Kai Holt was camping with family at Bellows Beach when he discovered an abandoned piglet not long ago. After bringing the little guy nicknamed 'Kama' home, Holt discovered that his pig could swim when Kama accidentally fell into his pool but swam with ease. So he decided to try Kama out on a surfboard with him and the results were incredible. The surfing duo have been turning heads ever since on beaches in Oahu and Kama's Instagram account (@KamaPigHI).

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