New Year’s resolutions for 2014 from a sports perspective

Angela Sun
January 1, 2014

Look up the most popular New Year's resolutions on the website and you'll see a list of the usual suspects. Drink less alcohol, eat healthy food and get a better education are the top three things people try to achieve when setting goals at the beginning of the year. But what if we took those same resolutions from a sports perspective? Who would be doing well in that regard?

Argentine soccer icon Diego Maradona tops the list. The 1986 World Cup hero — who always seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons — has had weight issues for years. But judging by a photo his daughter Dalma posted on Twitter in December, Maradona is looking rather slim and trim these days.

Kudos to El Diez for getting a head start on his resolution!

As for eating healthy, remember kids — just because a baseball looks like a scoop of ice cream — that doesn't mean it is one.

And if you're considering bringing the youngsters to the ballpark (spending more time with family was another popular resolution), please remind them to not toss foul balls back on the field!

Happy 2014 everyone!

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