LeBron slips. Court suffers.

Angela Sun
Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog
LeBron slips. Court suffers.

Scuff marks are commonplace on the surface of any basketball court, but the skid mark that LeBron James left on the floor of American Airlines Arena Thursday night when he slipped looked like something you'd see on the side of a freeway. The blooper occurred during the third quarter of the Miami Heat's game against the Golden State Warriors, and while LeBron looked fine after the stumble, the court looked decidedly worse for wear.


It's hard to imagine what was running through the minds of Steelers fans as their improbable playoff dream nearly came true on Sunday when Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop lined up for the 41-yard field goal attempt that would have beaten the San Diego Chargers and sent Pittsburgh to the postseason. Fortunately one overzealous Steelers fan documented his viewing experience for your viewing pleasure. "I told you it could happen! And it happened," the man proclaimed as he celebrated... a little too soon. Moments later Succop missed the field goal and the fan's reaction gets even more priceless. This is what counting your chickens before they hatch looks like in the age of YouTube.


Remember that epic Jordan dunk? The one from the foul line? Well, Cody Zeller's rendition on New Year's Day may very well be the antithesis of that. Off a Kemba Walker feed late in the second quarter Zeller tried to pay homage to his team's owner -- His Airness -- with a long-range dunk. Only Zeller took off from well inside the free throw line and came up well short of the rim.


Anyone watching this year's snowy NHL Winter Classic, the 105,491 fans in attendance at Michigan Stadium or the millions watching on TV around the world, could have told you the ground was slippery around Ann Arbor on New Year's Day. Looks like no one told the one Red Wings fan who thought it was a good idea to videobomb a Fox 2 local news report outside the stadium.

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