High school goalie makes amazing series of saves

High school goalie makes amazing series of saves

In soccer, one on one with the goalkeeper doesn't usually end in the keeper's favor. Especially when the shot is from point-blank range. But don't tell Shawnee Mission-South Will Skoog that because the senior put forth what might be the best six or so second stretch of goalkeeping you will see on YouTube for a long time.

When Shawnee Mission-North attackers got through South's defense inside the box for a shot from five yards out, Skoog looked like a sitting duck under the lights. But he made a beautiful kick save on the shot. As physics would have it, the ball deflected right back to the opponent who now had a great opportunity to head the ball in. But Skoog lept toward the crossbar and got just enough of the ball (with a little help from the crossbar) to keep it out of the net. Sure enough, the ball bounced right back to the same opponent who got yet another chance from within five yards. Skoog, from his knees, saved this shot with his hands while falling backward then managed to get up to make a fourth and final stop against the post. All in about six seconds.

Any fan will tell you that watching playoff baseball can get the heart working in different ways, but can you imagine stepping away from the TV during the World Series to ponder the medical implications of, say, a home run? Fortunately, Harvard's Dr. Michael Craig Miller did what all good doctors who are concerned about the health of those watching the World Series from home should do — he published his viewing how-to before Game One. Catering to superfans of both the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston-based doctor laid out detailed suggestions as to how viewers can effectively keep their "physical and emotional health intact" while watching from their "La-Z-Boy." The key takeaway: "approach the series as a marathon, not a sprint." The Sox 8-1 rout of the Cards on Wednesday night in thrilling fashion probably had a few people consulting Dr. Miller's wisdom.

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Finally in basketball, former No. 1 pick Greg Oden saw his first action since 2009 when he came off the bench for the Miami Heat Wednesday night. Taking the floor for a four minute spurt against the New Orleans Pelicans, Oden's footwork on his oft-maligned knee seemed encouraging. As his teammates cheered, his first touch in the paint finished with a resounding dunk.

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