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  • Albert Pujols doesn't slide into second, baserunning error costs Angels

    Angela Sun at Yahoo Sports Minute10 days ago

    In Albert Pujols' defense, he was playing hurt. The Los Angeles Angels slugger reportedly has a golf ball-sized swollen lymph gland in his groin. Unfortunately for Pujols though, the injury flared up at the worst possible time during Sunday's game against the Kansas City Royals.

    The three-time NL MVP led off the sixth inning of a game the Royals led 4-3 with a line drive down the left-field line. It looked to be a surefire double for the nine-time All-Star. But Kansas City left fielder Alex Gordon played it perfectly off the carom. The three-time Gold Glove Award winner then fired the ball to shortstop Alcides Escobar, who tossed it to second baseman Omar Infante to get Pujols by a step at second. It appeared the former Cardinals star wasn't hustling on the play. So why didn't he slide? Here's what Pujols told the Angels website:

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