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  • Former QB Jake Plummer looks for beer in bizarre Vine

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    While you were wondering where Jake Plummer was, the former Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos quarterback was wondering where his beer was. And thanks to a rather bizarre Vine the retired NFL star posted to his Twitter account Tuesday, the 2005 Pro Bowler found his frosty beverage. The bearded 10-year NFL veteran also offered up a new tip on how to keep the aluminum can cool: just stick it in snow!

    It appears Plummer is enjoying life after football. In addition to maintaining a presence on social media (something he said he'd never do), "Jake the Snake" is a studio analyst for the Pac-12 Network, does radio commentary for NFL games and puts together a weekly podcast called Snake's Takes. Oh … and discovering new ways to keep beer cold.

  • StubHub refuses to honor title game ticket price mistake

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    You know that old saying when something seems too good to be true, it probably is? Well, if he didn't before, Oregon Ducks football fan Patrick Leonard knows all about it now. The 1990 UO graduate thought he had scored a steal when he went looking for National Championship Game tickets on StubHub last week. Leonard was under the impression he had stumbled upon seats at AT&T Stadium for $414.84 each. And they weren't nosebleed seats either. They included "access to Field Level Club and Founders Club which includes all-inclusive food and beverage. Founders Club – Roomier cushioned seats." Seats like that were going in the $4,000 range on the secondary-ticket marketplace. After purchasing four (Leonard had planned to take his 12-year-old son, 9-year old-daughter and one of his daughter's friends to North Texas), the receipt he received on his phone seemed rather curious. Instead of reading "$1,659.36," it read "16,59.36 USD." And when he saw his American Express statement the next day, $16,059.36 had been charged. The Oregonian has more:

  • NFL owner's frugal travel move

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis met with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio last Sunday in Denver to discuss Oakland's head coaching vacancy. Time was of the essence for the NFL boss to meet Del Rio due to league rules that severely limit the timing of interviews with assistants whose teams are still in the playoffs. So Davis took the quick hop from the Bay Area to the Centennial State in a private jet, right? No. Instead, the notoriously frugal owner hopped on a Southwest Airlines flight. And by golly, thanks to an anonymous Reddit user, there's photographic evidence of Davis’ hastily planned journey to Colorado.

    My questions would only be directed at that bag he's carrying. Tiger stripes? Really now Mark?

    to the likes of Vancityy:

    I swear to god Davis rocks that haircut because he made a bet to keep it until the Raiders win a superbowl

    According to Forbes, the Raiders are worth an estimated $970 million.

  • Nobody on the Packers gets Aaron Rodgers' jokes

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    If you've been near a TV in the last few years, you know Aaron Rodgers has a decent sense of humor. From teaming up with "Da Bears" guys to Hans and Franz for State Farm Insurance commercials, the Green Bay Packers quarterback seems quite comfortable with classic Saturday Night Live characters. But according to a report in Monday's Wall Street Journal, the funny doesn't necessarily translate to the locker room.

    “His jokes are what we call ‘Algebra 2,’ ” said Daryn Colledge, a Miami Dolphins offensive lineman and former Packers teammate. “I think a lot of people don’t get it.”

    The report mentions that while much of the 2011 (and likely 2014) NFL MVP's material is over the head of most of his teammates, they don't mind one bit.

    “He does make jokes that fall on deaf ears,” said fullback John Kuhn. “But that’s what happens when you make a lot of jokes.”

    The Packers host the Dallas Cowboys Sunday in a divisional playoff game.

  • Peter King directs snarky tweet at Colts WR Hakeem Nicks

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    Peter King was named the National Sportswriter of the Year for 2010. But every once in awhile, even the most distinguished scribe can make a mistake. Such was the case Sunday when the reputable reporter directed a rather snarky tweet at Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

    Way to go out of bounds, Hakeem Nicks. That football intelligence is sure to increase your value in free-agency.

    With 5:12 left in the fourth quarter of Indy's wild-card game against Cincinnati, with the Colts up 26-10 and trying to run out the clock, Nicks did, in fact, go out of bounds after a 10-yard catch. But per NFL rules, the clock continued to tick away.

    With the exception of the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the second half, the game clock will be restarted following a kickoff return, a player going out of bounds on a play from scrimmage, or after declined penalties when appropriate on the referee’s signal.

    @SI_PeterKing yep, that one mistake is going to truly derail his career


  • College Football Playoff facts

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    College football history will be made Jan. 1, 2015. That's when the inaugural College Football Playoff (CFP) officially kicks off, starting in Pasadena, Calif. with the Rose Bowl Game, which is also a CFP semifinal. The winner of Oregon-Florida State will take on the winner of the other semifinal taking place at the Sugar Bowl between Alabama-Ohio State on Jan. 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tex. in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Now that you have the basics, here's five facts about the first-ever gridiron tournament for big-time college football that has been a long time coming:

    1. The College Football Playoff National Championship trophy is 26.5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) trophy — aka The Crystal Ball (which will still be awarded to the top team in the land in a ceremony following the title game) — weighs eight pounds.

    2. Three members of the CFP Selection Committee did not play college football: Condoleezza Rice, Mike Tranghese and Steve Wieberg.

    3. ESPN paid $7.3 billion for the current 12-year agreement.

  • Most-watched Sports Minutes of 2014

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    From a riveting national championship game between Auburn and Florida State that closed out the BCS era to the San Francisco Giants winning their third World Series in five seasons, this year had a little bit of everything for sports fans. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi captivated the world while the FIFA World Cup in Brazil put the spotlight firmly on "the beautiful game." The Seattle Seahawks dominated Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl and the San Antonio Spurs ended LeBron James' stay on South Beach in unceremonious fashion. The Los Angeles Kings earned a second Stanley Cup in three years and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was scrutinized for how he handled the Ray Rice situation. And while all those stories made headlines, the five biggest clickers for the Yahoo Sports Minute involved flying armbars, flying bats and balancing goats. So without further ado, we present the five most-watched episodes of 2014:

    5. Katarina Sreckovic nearly fired for being too attractive — November 7

    4. 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall has had quite the basketball journey — December 16

    2. Fan catches bat one-handed, protects baby in the process — May 27


  • Kate Upton's year in sports

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    Kate Upton is the internet gift that keeps giving. Virtually any piece of digital content the 22-year-old supermodel is part of is like a present under the virutal tree delivered by Jolly Old Saint Nick himself. 2014 was another big year for the two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl, so we figured it would be a good time to look back during this season of giving and offer up the best of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander's girlfriend from a sports perspective.

     The highlights start back in August in the Bronx. The top celebrity couple in the major leagues sealed their bond for all time when Verlander tossed Upton a ball at her seat in the front row behind the Tigers' dugout at Yankee Stadium.

    Check out the look she gives Verlander after he gives up the souvenir. Priceless. Perhaps it was simply an early Christmas present.

    Wondering just how hard it is to successfully pose while you're spinning through space? After the flight, Upton told E News Now, "You have no control over your limbs and you're twirling and you don't know what's the ceiling and what's the floor."

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Best sports-figure homes of 2014

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    I'll be home for Christmas. If only in my dreams.

    The last line of the 1943 tune written by Kim Gannon and recorded by Bing Crosby has become a holiday-season staple. And after seeing some sports-figure homes that were in the news in 2014, there were more than a few dream locations anyone would love returning to.

    The first noteworthy dwelling isn't even truly a residence — it's part of an NFL stadium. But Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt's three-level, six-bedroom palace inside Arrowhead Stadium is more than just your run-of-the-mill luxury suite. The incredible space includes marble and hardwood flooring throughout, a football-themed stained glass window (which curiuosly appears to show a Chiefs quarterback about to be sacked), a wall of three flatscreen TVs (we're guessing DirecTV's Sunday Ticket gets a lot of play on gamedays) and an ornate fireplace flanked by Roman busts.

    The last dreamy spread is also in the San Diego area. Five-time major winner Phil Mickelson's pad is fairly breathtaking as well.

    But it can all be yours for just $5.99 million. Oh, and about $75,000 annually in property taxes.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


  • Jets DL Richardson claims he's on 'same level' as Watt

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Yahoo Sports Minute 2 yrs ago

    It's good to have confidence. But there's a fine line between belief in oneself and downright cockiness. New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is firmly toeing that line.

    In comments to Thursday, the 2013 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year compared himself favorably to the likes of Houston Texans star J.J. Watt, Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions and Gerald McCoy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    "J.J. Watt, he's got a few more sacks than me, but it's the same type of disruption," Richardson said. "He's a little more active, I'll give you that, but we have the same type of determination, same heart, same skills. He scores touchdowns, I score touchdowns." He continued, " The same people you see mentioned every day, getting big contracts, I'm on the same level. I don't put them over me, I don't put them under me. Most definitely, it's the same comparison, really."