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Percy Harvin predicts midseason return, but is he a fantasy option?

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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin wrote his own injury update on Wednesday afternoon, when he took to Twitter to announce the following:

Harvin is currently on the reserve/PUP list while recovering from hip labrum surgery, so the earliest he would be allowed to return under league rules is Week 7. The Seahawks have not yet announced a target date, so we have to regard Harvin's tweet as not much more than a very public exercise in self-motivation. It's not uncommon for players to announce goals, some of which are absurd; you can't take these things to the bank. It's not as if anyone regards Harvin as an iron man.

Fantasy owners, we can't necessarily say that you'd be wasting a roster spot by adding Harvin, but it's awfully tough to do in a league without deep benches. As soon as you pick him up, he'll be your most tempting drop. Remember, his best-case scenario is seven weeks away. Harvin still has plenty of rehab and recovery ahead, before he's eased back into any sort of role.

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