'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: Big Jim Discovers Junior's Secret!

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Another week, another insane series of events on "Under the Dome." The longer the residents stay trapped in Chester's Mill, the more insane things (and people!) seem to get. This week's adventure in this isolated town revolved around a deadly outbreak of meningitis. But even those not affected by the disease seemed to have some serious brain issues (we're looking at you, Junior!).
While the main story line focused on the outbreak, the majority of fans seemed to be focused on Angie and Junior. Four days after "Dome Day," people are just starting to notice that Angie's missing. Granted, things haven't exactly been business as usual, but still!

Angie tried to stab Junior but ended up knocking herself out. When a pipe bursts in the bunker, she became trapped below ground in a chamber that's rapidly flooding!
More surprising than how oblivious Angie's family is is how dense Big Jim has been. It took him until the very end of "Outbreak" to realize that his son was keeping Angie prisoner.
While the rest of the town steps up to help in the wake of the meningitis outbreak (big props to Deputy Linda for donning nurse's scrubs), the ensuing panic resulted in some poor decisions — like giving a gun to a kidnapping psychopath.
To the surprise of nobody, the Reverend continued his creepy doomsday antics from earlier this season. He stole a bunch of drugs and then burned them. Why? Just because. He seems to be only slightly less crazy than Junior — but only just.
And despite his keeping Angie chained up in a cellar for the better part of a week, Junior managed to help keep order in the town during the outbreak. As a reward, he got a badge, which is not likely to end well.
Meanwhile, the tension between Barbie and Julia seems to be heating up. But when Julia starts investigating her husband, she uncovers his gambling habits. As it turns out, Barbie was an enforcer for Peter’s bookie in Westlake.

Julia could have done a bit more investigating had she not fallen ill, as well! Barbie decides to lie to Julia, telling her that Peter ran off before the dome came down. Julia asks Barbie to move out of her house.
Without question, the cutest story line of the week involved Joe and Norrie. The two decided to do some dome research of their own, culminating in a homemade video that chronicles the simultaneous seizures they've been having.

For TV fans who watch "Under the Dome" while tweeting, there was a fun moment between actor Dean Norris and young talent Mackenzie Lintz. It's always cool to see actors chatting during a live-tweet session!

With each episode, fan theories about what the dome is doing over Chester's Mill are getting more insane. Some of the best theories on Twitter this week involved drugs, aliens, and a self-aware bit of technology.

Do you think Big Jim will let Angie free, or will he try to protect his son by keeping her tied up? Who is the creepiest character on "Under the Dome"? Sound off in the comments below!

Check out this scene from "Outbreak":

"Under the Dome" airs Mondays at 10 PM on CBS.