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Triple H suffered second-degree burns during his dry ice intro at Wrestlemania XXIX

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On Sunday night at Wrestlemania XXIX, 13-time champion Triple H defeated ex-UFC champ Brock Lesnar. Nice story, yeah, but that's not the real story of the match. Turns out that during his dramatic win-or-retire bout, Mr. H had been suffering from some pretty ugly dry-ice burns incurred during his introduction. See here:

Triple H won the match by hitting Lesnar with a sledgehammer, which really ought to be the way we settle all disputes. Later, on Twitter, Triple H offered up a view of what dry ice does to bare skin:

Ow. Now, assuming this was real — and, like it or not, wrestling fans, we take everything in this sport with a sackful of salt — that looks like it hurt. Bravo to HHH for fighting through that. You'd have run away screaming, and you know it.

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