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  • 150 days, 150 games: How a sports bucket list became something more

    The Turnstile2 mths ago

    September 18, 2013. Somewhere outside Durant, Oklahoma. Jamie Reidy was 13 days into his quest to see a game a day, every day, across the entire United States, and all of a sudden he realized there was no game anywhere nearby. Nothing but open space in every direction. How could this be possible? How could there be no sporting events — college, high school, Little League — going on anywhere in Oklahoma on a Wednesday night? Was this quest doomed to failure before it had even gotten off the ground?


    It began, as most brilliantly insane ideas do, over too many beers with friends.

    Reidy, a Notre Dame grad-turned-writer, was in South Florida for the 2013 National Championship game to see his alma mater play Alabama. Somewhere along the way, Reidy and his friends began discussing the sports “bucket list”: the Super Bowl, the Masters, the Kentucky Derby, and so on. Everyone agreed it was a noble aim for a lifetime of sports fandom.

    Then Reidy raised prophetic question. How many days in a row could one guy actually see a live sporting event?

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  • Grand jury looking into the 1983 cold-case death of Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka's girlfriend

    The Turnstile2 mths ago

    On May 10, 1983, Nancy L. Argentino was rushed from an Allentown, Pa., hotel room to a nearby hospital having sustained a severe, and eventually mortal, head injury. The 23-year-old Argentino was the girlfriend of famed wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, who was with her when she sustained the injury. Police initially fingered Snuka as a "person of interest" in Argentino's death, but no charges were ever filed and the case went cold on June 1, 1983.

    Now, almost 31 years later, a Lehigh County grand jury will investigate whether Argentino's death should be classified as a homicide, according to The Morning Call.

    Last June, The Morning Call reported that Lehigh County district attorney Jim Martin was taking a new look at the cold case. On Tuesday, Martin announced that he will indeed turn the case over to a grand jury.

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  • Watch: Dane pulls off Dr. J move in … team handball

    Jay Hart at The Turnstile3 mths ago

    Let's start by acknowledging this is team handball, and I readily admit I know diddly about team handball. But you don't have to know anything about team handball to appreciate this:

    Uhhh, yeah, that dude just did this:

    The goal via Mikkel Hansen of Denmark came in the Danes' 33-29 victory over Austria in the European Men's Championship.

    While not a perfect visual analogy, the ball spin is reminiscent of vintage Dr. J.

    Ohh, Julius, you were so, so smooth.

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