Video: Venus Williams’ choreographed 311 karaoke routine

Chris Chase
March 10, 2011

With tennis players invading Los Angeles for the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, it figured it wouldn't be long before they received the TMZ treatment. Sure enough, this weekend shirtless pictures of Novak Djokovic were featured on the site (are those hot pants?) complete with the requisite TMZ-style bad pun.

Another major star also got a mention on the celebrity gossip site, but the headline -- "Venus Williams - The booze cruise karaoke jam" -- didn't seem like it warranted a click. Venus doesn't seem like much of a boozer (drunkenness is frowned upon by Jehovah's Witnesses) and if anything interesting had happened on the Caribbean cruise, TMZ would have had a much better headline than "booze cruise karaoke jam."

When I stumbled upon it again this morning, I figured it was time to watch. And, oh, how wrong I was. The clip is certainly worth a look, not because Venus makes a fool of herself (the TMZ staple) but because she's so good at the karaoke that I'm left with so, so many questions:

Venus loves 311. That she knows all the words to "Wouldn't You Believe" without looking at the screen isn't a surprise. But what's with the synchronized dance moves? Venus and her friend are completely in step throughout the whole song. It's like an episode of "Glee." Is this something they've practiced before? Do they go around to various karaoke clubs and perform this song? Did they know the lead singer of 311 was going to be a judge so they crammed for the karaokexam?

By the way, the original video for "Wouldn't You Believe" featured Shaquille O'Neal playing basketball with the band. You're welcome.