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Busted Racquet

Video: Tsonga falls down during point, wins it anyway

Busted Racquet

If ever a single point in a five-set match could provided an accurate summation of where it all went wrong, this one could do it for Roger Federer. Watch as Federer gets stymied on a routine second serve late in the match, hits it directly back to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga after the Frenchman fell down behind the baseline and then shanks a backhand that lands both long and wide.

Federer didn't get complacent in blowing a two-set lead to Tsonga, he got lackadaisical. Here he was, on the receiving end of a second serve to open one of the most crucial games of the match and he gets caught in between a backhand and forehand. Tsonga then falls, providing Federer ample opportunity to do something -- anything -- with the shot to make him run. Federer hits it right back to him. On his next swing, he mishits a routine backhand and sees it land nowhere near the court.

An early lead becomes an early deficit and the rest, as they say, is history.

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